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Maarten has developed his art into a unique style, both in wood carving and stone sculpting. Expanding, he has utilized different hybrid materials, as in creation of the "Doorways to Spirit" and other relief carvings. His flowing natural lines can be seen repeated throughout his many creations. Maarten's many projects have been born in his imagination and brought to life with his hands and his loving touch.

Maarten can also craft commissioned works that embody those same styles and beautiful shapes for your home or office. He has made pieces that are large and small, filling the requirements of his patron's needs. You can contact Maarten or Nadina today to discuss your personal work of art created by commission for you.

Below are examples of Maarten's pieces of art. Contact the gallery for your personal viewing.

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Maarten's commissions are as unique and individual as are all his creations. The pieces above show only some of his work, call today to see more.

Contact Nadina or Maarten at or call 250-477-1651.

The stone and wood materials that Maarten uses to create his art are all handpicked for the finest quality possible. The end results are the most incredible finishes and textures achievable. Surrender to your temptations - come to the Gallery and touch the magic.

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