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Maarten Schaddelee

International Day of Peace Marked at Doorways to Spirit Gallery Opening
All are invited to reflect on the possibility of peace

International Day of Peace, held each September since 1982, is a day to reflect on how peace is possible. It’s a time to celebrate what has been accomplished and to consider what remains to be accomplished. In celebration of the International Day of Peace and to give people a place to reflect on what peace means, Maarten and Nadina Schaddelee are hosting an open house at the Doorways to Spirit Gallery, offering a rare opportunity to stand in the centre of Doorways to Spirit.

Maarten Schaddelee, known for sculptures that celebrate peace and harmony with nature, created Doorways to Spirit as a representation of spirituality, respect and the continuing hope for peace around the world. The Doorways depict a variety of faith traditions as well as nature and the arts. Collectively, they represent both the spiritual journey that takes someone through one of many doors and the need for acceptance and respect of the choices others make.

“By recognizing everyone’s right to choose a door on his or her journey we begin to actively practice respect and develop an understanding of each other,” says Maarten Schaddelee, sculptor. “Religion and spiritual teaching is one of the pathways to peace. The doorways convey the spirit and hope of International Day of Peace and we really wanted to share them with others wishing to mark this important day.”

Doorways to Spirit Gallery, as well as the studio and sculpture garden, are open Sunday, September 20 and Monday, September 21 from 10 AM to 4 PM at Maarnada, 4635 Vantreight Drive.

While the installation of 16 doors was originally hinged together in a circle, the doors are currently displayed on the walls of the gallery so the observer is in the centre. On the International Day of Peace (September 21) one minute of silence will be observed at noon at the gallery as part of a global moment of silence. People are invited to observe this moment of silence and reflection at the Doorways to Spirit Gallery.

“Since the doorways were created people have asked about sitting in the centre,” says Nadina Schaddelee, Maarnada’s storyteller. “Now, on a day that celebrates peace, people are able to do that.”

The doors depict, in the order they were created, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Baha’i, Hinduism, Taoism, Nature, First Peoples, Shinto, Goddess, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Confucianism, Jainism and The Arts. Each door incorporates wild Nootka roses, a symbol of healing, into the design.

About Maarten Schaddelee

Schaddelee began carving in 1983, eventually leaving the bakery where he was employed to sculpt full time in 1990. His major installations include; Millennium Peace at Clover Point; Wings of Compassion, a 9-11 tribute on display in the C.R. Smith American Airlines Flight Museum in Fort Worth, Texas and When Peace Comes which was installed in the Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre in 2005 to honour the Canadian Forces. More recently Westcoast Spirit was installed at Upper Harbour Place at Bay and Tyee.

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"Is Peace Passé?" Video interview with Maarten and Nadina by Dan Kahan.

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