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Tales Of Relationships

On the Wellness Wheel taking time out for relationships is a priority.
For my husband Maarten and I when the Wet West Coast is at its darkest
we retreat
We Leave before the dawn
And while in flight we welcome the sun and arrive in time for our Maui Sunset

I love moments alone with my Day at the Beach Boy!
His mistress (work) was not invited.
I carve this time out for us to reconnect.

Our morning walk begins along the beach to welcome the sun
Maarten takes his daily swim about 1/4 of a mile from point to point

This walk is taken many times during the day.

In our Tale of Relationships we have our own unique way of sharing the inspiration
Maarten rides the waves

I float setting myself in the golden path of the rising sun

I allow my ears to fill with water and listen to the symphony
of the dolphins and humpbacks.

Maarten becomes a human hydra phone and goes deep to listen.

The Humpbacks come at this time to birth their young.
We see sightings of them every day.

The gift of being present in the moment with these magnificent creatures
has inspired Maarten with sculptures called “Tales of Relationships”
Link to `Tales of Relationships`
Sending you our fondest Aloha

On our return home The Inn at Laurel Point had called to say that
Maarten’s inspiration of the Humpbacks was now hanging behind their reception desk.
Deep Rendezvous
Drop down and have a look and enjoy the beauty of Victoria.

We look forward to sharing these inspirations and the Beauty of Spring
with you by appointment or at our Spring Show.

Maarten and Nadina

Nadina sunrise with Red dress Maarten and Nadina feet in water Maarten Swimming Nadina in blue dress in the water Maarten coming out of the water Maarten riding waves Nadina floating Maarten’s feet above water Humpback Whale passing by Last Sunset In Maui


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